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radiangames Fireball now available (with Trailer)

Okay, this time I will not tell you how great radiangames are. And I will not tell you to go and buy JoyJoy, Crossfire, Inferno, Fluid & Fireball. And I won´t tell you how much I loved Fireball when I played it. All those things I will do when I post my videoreview for it in a few days.

What I will do now is tell you what Fireball is about. You are a fireball surrounded by little Iceballs that try to get you. It feels a lot like it evolved out of Fluid, but also reminds one of the later stages in Geometry Wars when the screen is filled with enemies. The only difference is that you can´t shoot back. The only way to get rid of them is to start explosions … well, just watch the trailer. It´s definately a dollar well spend (even though the cover of the game reminds me a bit of a laundry detergent package).

Inertia! Xbox Indie Review

title: Inertia!
genre: Platformer
creator: specialtopics
website: marketplace
price: 80 points
This is most likely the shortest review on this site and maybe one of the shortest games, but it´s definately worth a look and the good rating it got so far is well deserved. So check the game out!

Indie Games! The Big Video Project

Indie Games are great. I love Indie Games. And while I keep it mostly limited to Xbox Indies here on Indienerds, the pixel prospector has no such limitations. He supports Indie Games of all flavors and just started a big new project: Indie Games! The Big Video Project.

The idea is to create a big compilation video of great commercial Indies – I myself will add dozens of Xbox Indies and maybe some PC Indies to the project. I do this not only because it´s a great idea, but also because there are really great prizes to win! From modern video editing and capture software to a lot of very cool PC Indies. It´s really worth having a look at the prizes!

You find all the important infos here: http://www.pixelprospector.com/indev/2010/11/indie-games-the-big-video-project

And there is this little video about it…

So go and help making a great video compilation and help out indie developers!

Hands On: Explosionade

Mommy’s Best Games has been known for their high quality, fast-paced action games since the beginning of Xbox Live Indie Games. Explosionade is their latest title, featuring a large mech, and many, many explosions. This game, like Shoot 1UP, is only a dollar, and offers some great entertainment for the price. However, due to a few flaws, it’s not as easily recommendable as some of Mommy’s other games.

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Cthulhu Saves The World – First Look

Since Breath of Death VII, most probably the best selling XBLIG RPG, the guys from Zeboyd Games gathered quite the fan audience. These days you don´t often get the chance to play a game in the JRPG style that was so popular on the 16 bit consoles. So when I finally got my hands on the first playtest version of “Cthulhu Saves The World” I had high hopes and expectations. Now after having spent over an hour with Cthulhu I got a pretty good impression of the new title – it´s gorgeous!

read more after the break (and have a look at some screenshots)

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radiangames Fluid Xbox Indie Review

title: Fluid
genre: Racing & Flying
creator: radiangames
website: www.radiangames.com marketplace
price: 80 points
It was a bit surprising to play a radiangames title and not being able to shot anything. It´s Pac-Manish in a way, but a lot more complex – the later levels need you to plan ahead as much as you need gamepad skills. Just have a look at the videoreview.