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Karmaflow : The Rock Opera Videogame … looks awesome!


I love beautiful games that try to tell their story in new ways and Karmaflow certainly is looking really innovative. When I watched the trailer and at some point the boss suddenly started singing and it actually really worked for the style and game. Got me convinced, I want to play it.
Currently they have an indiegogo campaign asking for 50k € … but for 55k they will integrate Oculus Rift support, so obviously this is really something I hope will get sufficiently funded.

Watch the video here, the trailer stars after a really short introduction and after it you get the indiegogo video with a bit more gameplay.

Charlie Murder must see, Escape Goat 2 & more

Now it’s been a while, but why not some Xbox news right? Well our friends over at VVGtv have taken away all the work from me and prepared the most important this week in a nice video roundup.

Charlie Murder … I had this picture of a poor cat slaughtered in an alley, and a detective trying to find the murder in my head. Talking about how there are WP7 phones in the game did not help to make that picture anything like the last Rambo movie.
Well … that trailer certainly did.
Ska Studios are back … now I wish I would still buy Xbox games. Maybe I should make an exception.

And then there is Escape Goat 2 … damn, I am ashamed, because Magical Time Bean does great games and I still have not played part 1. Well … I’ll buy it when they release it on Steam! At the very least looks cool …

… but not as retro as the “A Ride into the Mountains” trailer does. That one is like animated Atari 2600 awesomeness. Somehow I like the style, the gameplay certainly looked like twinstick action where one stick is permanently retired and all you will need is one button. But it is retro.

Finally the most important thing … Phil “cry baby” Fish got it good, Ryan rips him a new one. I hope he does not commit suicide after watching the video. Well … actually I am pretty impartial on that.

So go and watch 🙂

The Witness – the game after Braid


One of the most original games I played in recent years was Braid by Jonathan Blow. The game mechanics gave a refreshing new spin to time based gameplay and it was truly original. But that was a while back and Jonathan Blow has a new possible hit in the pipeline.
I really like what I have been seeing in the trailer – so have a look:

Gunslugs for iOS released

I found this little gem via facebook and have to say it looks just the right kind of retro and perfectly fast paced!

Just got info from the dev with the hyping, enthusiastic, facts listing, marketing blabla

It really has almost all you want in a good game: a big cast of unlockable characters, screen filling end-bosses, nice variation of weapons, drivable tanks, jetpacks, hidden worlds, princesses, armor shop, white wizards, nerds with gameboys, rain, snow, hell, hellworms, sand-worms, train rides, and soooo muchhhh moreeeee!

The game comes with a thumping sound track from Gavin Harrison, the guy who did the catchy tunes for Meganoid 2, INC, and Neoteria amongst others

Interesting Tidbits
…was inspired by the Expendables movies
…has a 2 player co-op mode, check http://orangepixel.net/gunslugs for more info
…started as a sequel to INC:The Beginning
…is already considered Orangepixel’s best.. and 2013 only just started!
…is coming to firefox OS, Chrome webstore, and most likely Mac / PC later this year
…was designed, programmed, pixelated by one guy: Pascal Bestebroer… in roughly 8 months .. to stay in tradition with the good old 80’s basement-coder days.. except without a basement!

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Playing in Traffic Trailer

The last Game from Robin Debreuil was a physics based sleepwalker game with one button controls – I liked it a lot even though it was a bit on the short side. So chances are good that Playing in Traffic will be worth checking out too … the trailer certainly is.