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Nice job Microsoft! Cthulhu Saves The World rules Steam

Okay, maybe they don´t exactly rule Steam – but compared to how their games did on XBLIG the good fellows at Zeboyd must at least feel like they rule supreme.

I don´t want to tell you again about CSTW or its predeccessor BoD VII – both games are worth much more than what Zeboyd is asking for on Steam or XBLIG.

What I do want is compare how well the title did on Steam and XBLIG. Developers are complaining about Microsoft more or less ignoring the channel – there simply seems to be nobody at Microsoft that sorts out the pearls in all the rubbish (yes – I´m talking about massage titles and guides for little kids on how to have free sex *didn´t work by the way!*). Steam does – they don´t allow every rubbish title, they select the games that developers actually spend love and time on.

But does it make a difference?

Well – Zeboyd said they made more money on Steam in less than a week, than they did in all the time before on XBLIG (and that means about one and a half year!!!).

Microsoft wake up!!! You created XNA and now you let others reap the fruits of your labour. Promising XNA devs flee the platform, others are at least planing to release on other platforms as well and those with a hit in the pipeline might switch sides as soon as they get their quartly sales figures.

Jim Sterling at Destructoid nailed it: “Nice job promotin’ them indies, Microsoft!