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TurnOn short Hands On

TurnOn is a very simple game where you play a spark and get to travel along electric lines to power all kinds of stuff, but mostly lights. I played through the first couple of levels and really liked the cute style the whole title was done with, but it lacks a serious challenge – so one for the casual crowd.
That said – I am very much looking forward to have my youngest nephew have a go at it as I suspect he will love it. This should work really well for small kids.
Overall I think it is worth a purchase, but I am not sure how long it is so the asking price of 14,99€ is on the high scale I suspect as one can rush through the levels quite fast (though for a younger kid that might be a different story).

GRAVITY for Leap Motion Beta available for free

So the next game is in the works and I have a pretty close to feature finished Beta version of GRAVITY available for you guys.
In the game you manipulate gravity spheres to guide a little flying sun at a target.

Gravity_Beta_PC_release_v01.zip (13.1 MB)

please read the readme.txt !!!

It consists of two phases:

the modmode is first phase where you get to push around the gravity spheres with your Leap Motion controller. In this Beta version you only have spheres with limited moving options, the full version also features the blue spheres you can move anywhere and that allow for far more complex levels.

the flymode is the other mode to which you switch with “space”. It lets the sun fly and you get to see where the current sphere positions guide it. While this mode is active you get to control the camera with the Leap, so you can exactly analyze how the spheres affected the trajectory of the sun.
Try to learn how to control the camera in the first levels without much content. it’s much easier to learn there. Basicly the camera will always look at the sun and go to the position you point at with your finger – not instantly though, you point and the camera wanders to that position. Move your finger slowly enough and you get the feeling of direct camera control.
This indirect control is included to give you smooth camera movements – it needs a bit of training, but you can enjoy it much more.

If you have an Oculus Rift, this game is compatible. You still need a Leap Motion controller too though. Some information is not visible in the Rift mode, but you should be fine.
I might add some extra buttons into the Rift version of the game in the future to make use of the keyboard obsolete – but no promises.
With CTRL you can reset the Rift if Drift occurs or you want to change position.

Enjoy and have fun!


Leap Motion Controller PC Launch Games Review Roundup


Very soon the Leap Motion Controller and Airspace, the app store for it, will launch. So it is a good time to have a look at the games that wait for the eager gamer.
I have used the Leap Motion almost daily for the past few months, so to be honest I am no longer that easily impressed. I noticed that my reviews sometimes are much harsher than the reactions some titles get from fresh users. So please consider this and if you think a game looks interesting, ignore my ramblings and just go for it. Most games are very cheap anyway and you want to play with your new toy right?

If you want to save some time at the end you find a short list of the games I personally deem absolutely must play titles. But at least read the categories I use to group the games, that might be of interest for your decisions.

3D control games, these really use the ability of the Leap to sense your position in 3D space. This group is rather small.

2.5D control games, this group adds some controls that would not be possible with a touchscreen.

2D control games – or the touchscreen conversion group. These games are actually touchscreen games or at least limit interaction to touchscreen mechanics that work with the Leap. Not really a bad thing, titles like Fruit Ninja really get a kick from the Leaps precision and reaction time without the need to obscure the view! This is currently the main group, and since it allows developers to target many platforms, will stay the biggest group I guess.
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Rawbots for free – Thank you SimCity

EA fucked up with their servers and gamers have to wait … so what could one do instead?

Playing Rawbots would be an option – especially since it is free for those waiting for Sim City. All you have to do is use the coupon code “SIMCITY” and instead of 29,99$ you have to pay … NOTHING.
You better hurry, because I have no idea how long the coupon code will work.

I already got myself a free copy. Thank you makers of Rawbots!

Death Inc. – demos available

Now this is a lovely style – just the right thing for a game about death and pestilence. ‘
Ambientstudios is currently running a Kickstarter for their game Death Inc and they just released demos for it – PC, Linux, Mac and even a Unity webplayer demo is available.

And if you like it, you might consider kickstarting it here.
EDIT: There is also a new video I missed – have a look here.