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We Want You & Game Rain #2

Indienerds.com is now online for over 3 months and it still develops and changes quite a bit.

To grow further we need help – so if you feel like posting indie news, writing arcticles or reviewing games you like on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, then contact me via email: gerald@indienerds.com.

What´s the pay? There is no real pay – you might get the one or other Indie Game for free, but in the end you should do it for the fun and love of indie games. It´s also your chance to get your stuff noticed by a lot of people, because we are still growing and maybe the next Game Rain will give us a slight boost.

Next Game Rain?

Yeah, it´s been a while. Game Rain #1 had 21 games in it and I wanted a few more for the next one. So far we got a few more … the next Game Rain will give away 25 GAMES EACH WEEK and it will run for at least 8 WEEKS. Yes, that´s over 200 games we have here waiting for gamers … with more coming in every day. So who knows if it will ever stop!

It will begin early next month!

Make sure you don´t miss it and follow @indienerds on Twitter!

If you have suggestions or wishes about what you like to see on indienerds.com, then please leave a comment.