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Karmaflow : The Rock Opera Videogame … looks awesome!


I love beautiful games that try to tell their story in new ways and Karmaflow certainly is looking really innovative. When I watched the trailer and at some point the boss suddenly started singing and it actually really worked for the style and game. Got me convinced, I want to play it.
Currently they have an indiegogo campaign asking for 50k € … but for 55k they will integrate Oculus Rift support, so obviously this is really something I hope will get sufficiently funded.

Watch the video here, the trailer stars after a really short introduction and after it you get the indiegogo video with a bit more gameplay.

LICHT version 1.08 is coming UPDATED #1

First thank you for all the positive reviews I have gotten for LICHT little adventure, it really is very motivating to read that so many like it that much.

There also has been some criticism that I will try to address in the next update, so I write here in case somebody has something to add.

“The introduction of orbiting orbs that you cannot control results in you spending a huge amount of time doing nothing more than fighting the game design.”
by Walt — July 25

I can only guess that you did not use the stop function to make the orb pause … that makes handling the smaller energy orbs much easier. They are part of the game design – on your way down you are still supposed to learn how to handle your big orb, but on your way up I wanted to add a challenge, that are the smaller orbs. I am sorry you did not like it, but it is as it is supposed to be.
I also got the opposite feedback where someone asks why I have not repeated that game mechanism more to make the game a bit harder.

But there is one part of the ascent that has repeatedly frustrated players – the colored blocks get the orb stuck. So I changed that part a bit.

Now they are all round and placed so that you should just go smoothly through on your way back without little or big orbs getting stuck.

And there were complaints that one ramp in the Gravity Zone was far too hard. Again – use the stop function to position the big orb. But I made a bit more space, so now you can go up the ramp with a bit more speed making it easier. Also the ramp is a tiny bit wider.

You still have problems? Please let me know, the better you describe your problem, the easier it will be for me to fix. But I will always try:

made me hate
“then made me hate more”
by nickmarks — July 25

Dear nickmarks, I feel with you. In one of the next updates I will add a companion sphere, it will help you deal with your hate and spread love. Still working on the empathy module at the moment.

Here a first prototype picture that I hope will help you cope with the situation.
If you want to specify your problems, please feel free to contact me.

That is all I got for Update #1 since we are out of beta, all changes are in the game so far. Just waiting to see if there are other problems I can address. I do not want to have the good folks at Leap Motion have to check an update from me every two days, they already have their hands full!


My favorite app yet
At first I found the controls a bit frustrating, but really they’re perfect for the game, and show how well the Leap handles depth. The mechanics can be frustrating as the orbs you collect can tend orbit too widely and not register when opening a checkpoint. But honestly, once Indienerds add on to this it’ll be a de facto app for the Leap, even more so than it already is. Definitely worth the money, pick this up now if you have a Leap.
by Dalto11 — July 27

Now this is something I am not sure I want to change or even should change, even though I see the problem. Sometimes your orbs go crazy … I have had them do some really big orbits that I found awesome.
Now there are solutions to getting your orbs under control … and here I spoil a bit so be warned.
First stop your orb and see what orbits the smaller ones take. Now just fly to a wall that will make then loose their energy because they fly against it and stop your orb at that wall … they will all come to papa and be much closer.
An alternative, and much more fun in my opinion, is to have a look at the orbits and figure out a good position where the smaller obs collide with the orb collector. That really is all part of the game and fun, so making that easier will not only shorten the game a bit more, it will also remove a game element that I really care for.

BUT … if I am the only one caring for it and there are many that would rather have a much bigger radius for the orb catcher … please let me know in the comments.

Ohhh … and thank you for the kind review Dalto11!!

Rawbots for free – Thank you SimCity

EA fucked up with their servers and gamers have to wait … so what could one do instead?

Playing Rawbots would be an option – especially since it is free for those waiting for Sim City. All you have to do is use the coupon code “SIMCITY” and instead of 29,99$ you have to pay … NOTHING.
You better hurry, because I have no idea how long the coupon code will work.

I already got myself a free copy. Thank you makers of Rawbots!

Reus – great looking 2D god game


Since the times I played Populous many moons ago I have fallen in love with god games, a genre not that popular these days. So I am even more excited about this little gem called Reus!
So far I don’t think I have ever played one in 2D – so this will be something special for me.
Just have a look at the video and visit the website for more information.

Death Inc. – demos available

Now this is a lovely style – just the right thing for a game about death and pestilence. ‘
Ambientstudios is currently running a Kickstarter for their game Death Inc and they just released demos for it – PC, Linux, Mac and even a Unity webplayer demo is available.

And if you like it, you might consider kickstarting it here.
EDIT: There is also a new video I missed – have a look here.

The Witness – the game after Braid


One of the most original games I played in recent years was Braid by Jonathan Blow. The game mechanics gave a refreshing new spin to time based gameplay and it was truly original. But that was a while back and Jonathan Blow has a new possible hit in the pipeline.
I really like what I have been seeing in the trailer – so have a look:

A.N.N.E – the platformer robot love story looks awesome

There was a time when I was really sad the classic platformer vanished from gaming.
Thank you indieverse, that time has long been over.
And there is still so much that evolves with platformers seen in games like FEZ or Urban Space Squirrels or A.N.N.E … just look at the presentation with creator Mo from gamesbymo after the break.
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