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Charlie Murder must see, Escape Goat 2 & more

Now it’s been a while, but why not some Xbox news right? Well our friends over at VVGtv have taken away all the work from me and prepared the most important this week in a nice video roundup.

Charlie Murder … I had this picture of a poor cat slaughtered in an alley, and a detective trying to find the murder in my head. Talking about how there are WP7 phones in the game did not help to make that picture anything like the last Rambo movie.
Well … that trailer certainly did.
Ska Studios are back … now I wish I would still buy Xbox games. Maybe I should make an exception.

And then there is Escape Goat 2 … damn, I am ashamed, because Magical Time Bean does great games and I still have not played part 1. Well … I’ll buy it when they release it on Steam! At the very least looks cool …

… but not as retro as the “A Ride into the Mountains” trailer does. That one is like animated Atari 2600 awesomeness. Somehow I like the style, the gameplay certainly looked like twinstick action where one stick is permanently retired and all you will need is one button. But it is retro.

Finally the most important thing … Phil “cry baby” Fish got it good, Ryan rips him a new one. I hope he does not commit suicide after watching the video. Well … actually I am pretty impartial on that.

So go and watch 🙂

Evoland – my new favorite Indiegame to wait for!

After watching the trailer I had a sudden urge to play some Super Nintendo RPG or a PlayStation 1 Final Fantasy … but all at once! Here is Evolands description from their website:

Evoland is a game and a story. The story of action adventure gaming as seen in the Zelda or Final Fantasy series, starting with the early age of action RPGs, when a few pixels were enough to make us dream for hours. New players will discover a bit of video game history and a very fun gameplay, and veterans will also enjoy a host of references to legendary titles scattered along the game.

This is awesome! I guess most kids these days won’t go near a classic pixel adventure, but this might just open their eyes to classics like Chrono Trigger or Secret of Mana.

Now have a look at the trailer – then go visit their facebook profile or play Evoland Classic on their website!

Aliens Vs Romans coming to Xbox Indies

Okay that video is named “Release Trailer”  – so it is a bit early. But according to Sick Kreations it is right around the corner :

It is currently in playtest, and when the “cloaking boss feature”(top secret!!!!) we are adding is finished, it will go into peer review to hit the marketplace!

So lets have a look at the next FPS after NuclearWasteland 2030 from Sick Kreations.

turn- and tile based strategy – Forging Europe looks cool


I just discovered this and it looks quite cool – a turn based strategy game in the works by 2 developers from Romania. Have a look at the trailer

“Forging Europe is a turn based strategy game where you grow an early medieval city to an enlightened powerful empire.” www.forgingeurope.koncept.ro

more details and a much longer gameplay trailer wait after the break
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What does “indie” mean?

It´s all the fault of George Clingerman, or his son – because when George asked him “…what makes a game an indie game?” the answer was: “This is easy. Indie games have less than 100 people in the credits.” And then George posted it to Google+ where Philippe Da Silva and I started a small discussion. Then Philippe wrote a blog about it “Indie” = “Startup”.

I don´t really share Philippe´s point of view, even though he does make some good points.

So here comes what I define as indie (today – my opinion here is not set in stone):

You are indie …

… if your game design decisions are not based on exterior influences (like money, a boss …)

… if the motivation to create a game comes from yourself and not an exterior influence (like like the need for money, or a boss…)

… if you´d rather give away your game for free then see it getting lost

… if you know everyone involved in the creation process by name

… if you are free in the choice of your distribution channel (no that does not mean you need to be able to publish via XBLA!)

… if nobody else has a sayso in any decisions in your “company” (if you want a yellow bath duck in your company logo, then you can have it!)

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