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Game Rain #1 – win 1 of 21 cool games!

ATTENTION: Game Rain #1 is over … all winners have been notified via DM in Twitter. If you did not follow me, i couldn´t DM you and your prize went to someone else. Since following me was required i don´t feel too bad about that – and neither should you, some happy winners tweeted me and just think how happy you made them.

So follow me now … there might be another Game Rain. 😉

There are 21 games you can win – and each one of them is a cool title worth playing!

5x Mechanoid Army watch the videoreview
1x Lumi watch the videoreview
3x Crossfire watch the videoreview
2x Kong360 – Gorilla Warfare watch the videoreview
3x Urban Space Squirrels watch the videoreview
3x Ophidian Wars – Opac´s Journey watch the videoreview
2x Soul watch the videoreview
1x Decimation X watch the videoreview
1x Square Off watch the videoreview

How to enter? That´s simple – just visit my twitter, follow me and then find and retweet the following tweet:

Game Rain #1 – win 1 of 21 cool games like Lumi, Crossfire or Square Off – RT and visit http://bit.ly/9xhhns to enter #xblig #xbox360 #xna

What else? Nothing else. This is all you have to do and on August the 6th 2010 i will select 21 winners from the people that retweeted it. Just in time for a nice weekend gaming session!

Is there anything else you can do? Yeah sure – you could leave a comment on this blog with your name on Twitter and tell me which games you would like to win best … if a game is not already gone, i will give you the game you want if you are a winner. Sounds like a good deal, doesn´t it ?

And you could visit the people that made these cool games and gave them to me for you to win – there is a link to their homepage under each of the reviews.

You still want to do something? Well – there are even more videoreviews here on indienerds.com. Since you are here anyway, why not look for something you like!

Good luck,
Gerald from indienerds.com

PS: and a special thanks to www.cheapassgamer.com for support with the contest!!