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The Way available on Steam

Don’t get fooled by the visual style of the image – this is pixel art at it’s best!
I requested a review key and got one from the nice guys at Puzzling Dream.

And when I started playing it I fell in love with the atmosphere the title creates.
I played it in the Steam VR cinema, but that did not work out for me due to too many god rays, though overall pixelart does incredibly well in VR on a big screen. Then I switched to the monitor and got maybe 20 minutes into the game before I quit … and not because it was a bad game, not at all, but because I couldn’t get myself through the early riddles with little effort. This felt like it would eat more time than I currently have to dedicate – it felt like a game true to the spirit of old adventures.

So instead it just gets the incredible trailer shared. Check it out on Steam, might be just your cup of tea as the ratings are very positive: http://store.steampowered.com/app/311010

The Witness – the game after Braid


One of the most original games I played in recent years was Braid by Jonathan Blow. The game mechanics gave a refreshing new spin to time based gameplay and it was truly original. But that was a while back and Jonathan Blow has a new possible hit in the pipeline.
I really like what I have been seeing in the trailer – so have a look:

The Gallery – new Oculus title announced


Bishop51 on the mtsb.com forums
Another adventure title for the Oculus has been announced. The Gallery – Six Elements¬† is in production by CloudHeadGames. It is announced as Oculus only, the first game to be exclusive to my knowledge. And it is looking gorgeous, can’t wait to check out those fires in 3D!

In short; The Gallery is a deeply immersive adventure that places you in the shoes of an Urban Explorer who stumbles upon an ancient secret lost to time. We’re building up to a full release of information about The Gallery which will occur later this month. We are VERY excited to receive our developer kits in March to begin exploring our work as intended! We’re also excited about the challenges and we hope to have an open dialog with other developers diving into the same uncharted water. Just like the fine people at Oculus I firmly believe it is the Indies who will lead the charge, take the risks and venture into VR in a way that larger companies simply can’t. We hope that we’re among that fine group.

That is all I know for now, but there are 3 screenshots after the break…
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