Hands on Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage extra edition

Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage extra edition is not just a very long title for an indie game, it´s also the first game I have seen that pulls of gameboy graphics with style on the Xbox Live Indie Games. It just hit the marketplace and I played through the game – want to know how it turned out? Just hit the MORE button under the screenshot.

You start in a fortress full of treasures and your job is to loot all the nice things hidden away in wooden chests.

The game is designed as a coop-game, where one player plays the boy, strong but not a good jumper, while the other player takes up the role of the girl, to weak to move anything but able to jump higher. You can still start it solo and that´s what I did.

Unlike a lot of coop-games Treasure Treasure: FFEE is strongly based on collaboration. While the boy can´t reach a lot of places on his own he is the one able to move blocks arround or carry bombs to blow up cracked stones that block the way. The girl on the other hand can reach places to high for the boy and if she lets the boy jump from her shoulders to gain a little extra height he can move through the castle with her.

The graphics are just what you would expect from an oldschool Gameboy title and look really gorgeous. When a bomb explodes near the duo and both are covered in black dust from the explosion it looks hilarious. And both are not defined to moving in the same screen – once one get´s too far away the screen is split in two. The cool thing with this is, that it´s not just a simple split horizontal or vertical, no the screen gets divided relative to the characters position. Which makes it easy to find the other player.

Playing alone though is a bit of a hardship. You have to move one character, then switch to the other and often do the same thing again. Also you have to play more time with the splitscreen – not really that bad, but it´s easier to spot all the treasures if you can see the whole screen.

So I got another player and we started a new game with two players. Then the title shines – it´s a lot more fun and really enjoyable. Finding all the treasures, or solving the riddles on how to get access to them, is quite hard. The game has just one big level with lots of goodies, but getting them all will take up quite some time. How long I don´t know, because we didn´t manage to get them all.

At the end you get a listing of all the cool things you found and there are even some game references hidden. I had more than one laugh with the title.

All in all Treasure Treasure:FFEE is quite enjoyable and for just 1$ (80MSP) you really should check it out. Especially if you have a coop partner.

2 thoughts on “Hands on Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage extra edition

  1. FreshPrince

    i thought that this game was very difficult.
    I coldn´t even finish the first Level because i didn´t know what the goal of this game was.
    On the positive site, the game is only 1$ an 2MB 😉

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