Game Rain #1 – win 1 of 21 cool games!

ATTENTION: Game Rain #1 is over … all winners have been notified via DM in Twitter. If you did not follow me, i couldn´t DM you and your prize went to someone else. Since following me was required i don´t feel too bad about that – and neither should you, some happy winners tweeted me and just think how happy you made them.

So follow me now … there might be another Game Rain. 😉

There are 21 games you can win – and each one of them is a cool title worth playing!

5x Mechanoid Army watch the videoreview
1x Lumi watch the videoreview
3x Crossfire watch the videoreview
2x Kong360 – Gorilla Warfare watch the videoreview
3x Urban Space Squirrels watch the videoreview
3x Ophidian Wars – Opac´s Journey watch the videoreview
2x Soul watch the videoreview
1x Decimation X watch the videoreview
1x Square Off watch the videoreview

How to enter? That´s simple – just visit my twitter, follow me and then find and retweet the following tweet:

Game Rain #1 – win 1 of 21 cool games like Lumi, Crossfire or Square Off – RT and visit to enter #xblig #xbox360 #xna

What else? Nothing else. This is all you have to do and on August the 6th 2010 i will select 21 winners from the people that retweeted it. Just in time for a nice weekend gaming session!

Is there anything else you can do? Yeah sure – you could leave a comment on this blog with your name on Twitter and tell me which games you would like to win best … if a game is not already gone, i will give you the game you want if you are a winner. Sounds like a good deal, doesn´t it ?

And you could visit the people that made these cool games and gave them to me for you to win – there is a link to their homepage under each of the reviews.

You still want to do something? Well – there are even more videoreviews here on Since you are here anyway, why not look for something you like!

Good luck,
Gerald from

PS: and a special thanks to for support with the contest!!

58 thoughts on “Game Rain #1 – win 1 of 21 cool games!

  1. Nyls

    or crossfire, mechanoid army, or kong 360 but really id just love to win SOMETHING, ANYTHING at all! thanks for the great contest!

  2. incphi

    Oh no, I never thought it was anything you’d done. 🙂 I was suspecting something on WordPress’ end. Twice before my comments have gone missing, but still showed up in Google’s cache. You’re probably right about it being user error though. My note was merely intended as an explanation for the extra entry, in case I was mistaken.

    Well, thanks again for making rain games. 😉 And, good luck, everyone.

  3. admin Post author

    WHAT? Now you got me worried … they showed up in googles cache? I have to check this out – this is NOT supposed to be happening. Thanks for the info incphi !!!

  4. Xalterax

    Yo – ZombieMnkyGames on twitter. Would like crossfire, but so would everyone else. Ideally just pass codes onto others more deserving. I spend all my time trying to make a game worthy of your time anyhow. =)

  5. incphi

    No, your website is fine. Previous incidents occurred on other WordPress-powered sites. I’m sorry for not being clearer in my last post. Didn’t mean to alarm you. 🙁

  6. admin Post author

    Thank god – that was the first near heart attack of the day. The second was realizing my “winner selection process” didn´t work due to twitter only searching retweets in the last 5 days … now it was a lot of handy work (well … i´m still at it).

    Can tell you though … you didn´t win Lumi… but something.

  7. ThaM0F0

    Thanks for the chance to enter , i did not win but maybe next time.
    Your reviews are good and i hope you keep up the good work.


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