Game Rain #1 – win 1 of 21 cool games!

ATTENTION: Game Rain #1 is over … all winners have been notified via DM in Twitter. If you did not follow me, i couldn´t DM you and your prize went to someone else. Since following me was required i don´t feel too bad about that – and neither should you, some happy winners tweeted me and just think how happy you made them.

So follow me now … there might be another Game Rain. 😉

There are 21 games you can win – and each one of them is a cool title worth playing!

5x Mechanoid Army watch the videoreview
1x Lumi watch the videoreview
3x Crossfire watch the videoreview
2x Kong360 – Gorilla Warfare watch the videoreview
3x Urban Space Squirrels watch the videoreview
3x Ophidian Wars – Opac´s Journey watch the videoreview
2x Soul watch the videoreview
1x Decimation X watch the videoreview
1x Square Off watch the videoreview

How to enter? That´s simple – just visit my twitter, follow me and then find and retweet the following tweet:

Game Rain #1 – win 1 of 21 cool games like Lumi, Crossfire or Square Off – RT and visit to enter #xblig #xbox360 #xna

What else? Nothing else. This is all you have to do and on August the 6th 2010 i will select 21 winners from the people that retweeted it. Just in time for a nice weekend gaming session!

Is there anything else you can do? Yeah sure – you could leave a comment on this blog with your name on Twitter and tell me which games you would like to win best … if a game is not already gone, i will give you the game you want if you are a winner. Sounds like a good deal, doesn´t it ?

And you could visit the people that made these cool games and gave them to me for you to win – there is a link to their homepage under each of the reviews.

You still want to do something? Well – there are even more videoreviews here on Since you are here anyway, why not look for something you like!

Good luck,
Gerald from

PS: and a special thanks to for support with the contest!!

58 thoughts on “Game Rain #1 – win 1 of 21 cool games!

  1. Richard Williams

    Hi – sounds like you’ve got the most generous competition I’ve ever seen!

    I’m @DVMGames on Twitter, and I own Crossfire, Kong360 and Opac’s Journey already so if I were to win, I’d love anything except those three.

    Have a good day,
    ~Richard Williams

  2. Chris

    Awesome competition, and nice site!

    I’m TehReapz on twitter, and crr_1119 from CAG which is where I found out about this. If selected as a winner I’d love to win Lumi. All of them seem fun though, thanks!

  3. Deven

    Crossfire is one of my favorites from the video, I even watched the videoreviews for this, Gorilla Warfare, Soul and Mechanoid Army. I would definite want Gorilla Warfare if I won ;D The multiplayer is always a huge plus!

    Also, my twitter is @Shigster

  4. Neil

    Awesome site & awesome contest!
    My twitter is @agentcoop007 and here are the games I’m interested in, top being most interested 🙂
    Mechanoid Army
    Square Off

  5. A1CBrandon4489

    Nice competition. Love your reviews.
    The games I have already are Square off and Decimation x. All the other games are excellent just don’t have the points to get them all.
    Keep up the good work on the reviews.

  6. CAiNiACprime

    AMAZING GIVEAWAY! You pretty much nailed nearly all of the indie games I’ve been wanting to take a crack at. These are the ones I’d prefer in order.

    Mechanoid Army
    Ophidian Wars: Opac’s Journey
    Urban Space Squirrels

    My twitter name is CAiNiACprime. I already own Square Off. Thanks so much~

  7. Jonathan S.

    Awesome site and giveaway! I followed and tweeted @EeveeFanboy

    If I win, my choices would be, in order:
    Urban Space Squirrels
    Ophidian Wars

  8. Kisuke Urahara

    Very nice giveaway! And a very nice site as well!

    I’m @CaptainUrahara on Twitter and Captain Urahara on CAG.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hoping for Crossfire!

  9. HadesGigas


    Already own Decimation X and Square off, would prefer Lumi, Crossfire, or Ophidian Wars.

    Pretty solid selection of games you’re giving away!

  10. m3talst0rm

    I’m @m3talst0rm and am really excited about finding this site and giveaway. I already have Square Off (awesome title btw). I’ve been excited about Lumi, Mechanoid Army, Ophidian Wars and Decimation X…but I’m not picky!

    Thanks again for the contest!

  11. Spyn Doctor


    Great giveaway!

    I am SpynDoctorGames on Twitter. I re-tweeted your competition to give it publicity, but as a XBLIG developer myself, I don’t feel good with potentially “taking away” one of the games from a deserving gamer who could win it, so please do *not* consider me when determining the winners. 🙂

  12. sunfiredragon


    Would prefer Mechanoid Army or Lumi most, but they all looked good in their own way. Thanks for the giveaway, will help to get the indie games out there some attention.

  13. Ross Patrol

    Added and retweeted!

    Twitter: RossPatrol

    Top picks (if I win):
    #1: Crossfire
    #2: Lumi
    #3: Ophidian Wars: Opac’s Journey

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  14. Matthew Doucette

    I’ll post this on my blog today! I twittered it on @mdoucette and @xonagames.

    I own Crossfire and Decimation X (of course) already… anything else will do. Lumi and Mechanoid Army look great.

    Are dev’s allowed to enter? If not, no biggie!

    Good luck!!!

  15. admin Post author

    Devs are allowed to enter, why shouldn´t they – they are not involved (except by sponsoring these sweet games – thank you Matthew!!).

  16. Bryan

    My twitter ID is @bdavid81

    I already own Kong360, but my #1 choice from your list is Lumi. Really enjoying the demo, Crossfire would be my second choice. )

    Nicely organized blog. I’ll make a small write-up on our site to put the word out about this competition.

  17. Branflake242005

    I wouldn’t mind any of the games. I must say I like this blog and I’m putting this in my fav’s. Thanks for the chance…great promo!

    Twitter ID: bizco17


  18. Kais Mustafa

    I think i retweeted right haha, not too good with Twitter. But thanks for the contest, after watching your videos, i bought Crossfire, that game is addicting. In it for:


    Thanks again

  19. Onsyman

    Hi my Twitter is @Onsyman, if I win this great giveaway I’d be happy to win CrossFire or otherwise Lumi, thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Mat

    Hey, thanks for the contest :D…
    I retweeted as @Matedawg and I would love to win any of the games but if possible I would like Gorilla Warfare, Mechanoid Army or Soul the most but anything is fine. Thanks again 😀

  21. Amoree30

    My account on twitter: @amoree30
    i found contest on CAG : @amoree30
    good contest:)

    i like soul and lumi;p
    i hope i win i never win anything 🙁

  22. Clark

    Crossfire is great. Glad I bought it already. Of the others, I’d most like to have Square Off. I’m a sucker for any multiplayer (especially co-op) game. Twitter: @clarknielsen

  23. ektoll

    That’s a nice selection! Lumi and Square Off are my favorites. I’ve already purchased Soul, it was short but beautiful and really challenging.

    Twitter: @Ektoll

  24. Matt Smith

    First time visitor, I like the indie-only site.

    I heard some good things about Crossfire, so I’m hoping for that. But I’ll be honest, I really haven’t played many XBL Indie games, and haven’t bought even one :[

    I don’t think they’re promoted enough for anyone to know about them and which ones are good/bad. There’s just not much publicity on them. They’re also not really mentioned on the dashbaord ever.

  25. admin Post author

    Matt Smith:

    First time visitor, I like the indie-only site.

    I heard some good things about Crossfire, so I’m hoping for that. But I’ll be honest, I really haven’t played many XBL Indie games, and haven’t bought even one :[

    I don’t think they’re promoted enough for anyone to know about them and which ones are good/bad. …

    Thank you for your honest words Matt, this is exactly the situation indie games on the Xbox are in now. And that´s why i have started with – i´m glad i reached you and all the others here writing so many kind comments (thank you all – it is really appreciated!). There is a lot of work to be done and it will be done…

    Have a look around my reviews, i´m pretty sure you find some games to your liking. And have a look at the other websites mentioned on the right under links… some have many indie games reviewed and you might find additional opinions on the game you like or just other interessting games.

  26. pcktlnt

    Retweeted and I watched a few of your videos. Very nice in going over the details of the game and they’re not long. Two games I’m interested in, Crossfire and Soul.

    Thanks for the contest. Seems easy enough. 🙂

  27. Wykinyan

    If I somehow manage to win, I’d like to try Lumi. If that isn’t available, then Crossfire. And finally, if neither of those, Square Off.

  28. incphi

    It would be awesome to win ANY of these great indie games, but the following are my preferences:

    Square Off

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    (Could’ve sworn I was the 2nd poster, but now I can’t find my comment, so replying again.)

  29. admin Post author

    I didn´t delete anything in this thread and if you had posted earlier, i wouldn´t have to approve your comments anymore (i just have to approve everyones first comment). So i guess you forgot to hit the post button or something. Glad you came back and noticed 🙂


  30. Talton

    Thanks for the contest!

    Lumi looks absolutely beautiful. Would love that one.

    Kong360 looks like it could be quite fun.

    Crossfire looks like it’ll get some nostalgia on.

    Mechanoid Army looks entertaining.

    Again, Lumi looks tops, but if I’m lucky enough to win, I’m happy with just winning and getting to experience some more Indie games. Thanks again!

    PS Twitter name is tlwizard

  31. Dan

    Tweeted your message and followed you.

    Twitter: ThePittBlog

    Looking forward to seeing some cool games come through this site.

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