Lumi from Kydos Studio

title: Lumi
genre: jump´n run
creator: Kydos Studio
website: marketplace
price: 400 points

The most beautiful game on Xbox Live Indie Games today – nice gameplay, cool sound and an atmosphere to dive into. You take on the role of Lumi and have to bring light back into the world. Not an easy title and some flaws impair an otherwise excellent gaming experience. Still it´s absolutely worth the 400 points asked and a title you don´t want to miss if you like jump´n runs!

3 thoughts on “Lumi from Kydos Studio

  1. admin Post author

    The game is great and you should have a look – but the trial is not really very much like the rest of the game, and the last level was very,very,very frustrating… but if i had known the rock missile thing, i guess i would have loved it. It´s a big difference if you have checkpoints or not.

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