Urban Space Squirrels from DTAe

title: Urban Space Squirrels
genre: jump´n run / puzzle
creator: Duct Tape Anonymous Entertainment
website: www.urbanspacesquirrels.com marketplace
price: 80 points

This game is as much a puzzle game with great riddles as it is a cool Jump´n Run. In 20 levels full of deathtraps and brain melting riddles your little squirrel has to find secret document pages and the way to the next level … great game, best level design i have seen in ages – but it´s for the hardcore crowd. While beeing fair all the time, the riddles are very tough. You really should have a look at this one!

3 thoughts on “Urban Space Squirrels from DTAe

  1. Matthew Doucette

    It’s games like this that need achievements and suffer greatly from lack of them. When I accomplish all that is in this game, I want credit! Everyone does! It’s that simple!

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