Indienerds 2013 – Oculus Rift, LEAP and Reality Rift

So the new year is here and I reboot Indienerds. There are three reasons – the Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality), the LEAP (a better Kinect?) and my first game (most awesome game ever).

Let’s start with the …
Oculus Rift

So the Rift without a doubt has the potential to change the whole gaming market. While casual gaming follows the mobile direction, my guess is that hardcore gaming will go the VR route. And the Rift is day zero!
Ordered my developers version last year and followed the device very closely – this is gonna be big! I hope a lot of indie developers will join in and get some unseen and amazing things to happen on the Oculus.


I think what they have done is already amazing, but it still seems to need a lot of work to be done, before developers can easily implement it.
Looking forward to trying it out though, I can totally see this rock in combination with VR, especially since you can chain them up into arrays!

Reality Rift

I wanted to create a game for years. Now that the Oculus is coming I decided to pick up Unity and give it a go. For the time being full-time!

After playing with a lot of ideas the game will be an adventure, set in a world that features a lot of what I loved about the oldschool VR titles.
So models will be rather simple, yet with modern technology nice enough to look at. And for 3D VR it will be nice to have the correct shape for every detail.

So here is a short clip of a work in progress:

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4 thoughts on “Indienerds 2013 – Oculus Rift, LEAP and Reality Rift

  1. Gerald Terveen Post author

    Hey vOwl – english speaking blog dude 😉

    I decided for Unity, because I was not sure how the licensing model of UDK actually worked and because I felt the UDK a bit to FPS focused. So far I do not regret that decision.

  2. vOwl

    as long as you don’t expect mandarin comments – no problem 😉

    i wondered if your decision was based on technical reasons.
    did you even preordered an leap motion device?

    btw: beware of the bomb 😉

  3. Gerald Terveen Post author

    I am in the pool for a dev kit. If I get one I don’t know … they are quite secretive and I have heard nothing so far.

    But I have had a look at the alternatives, I guess in the end the LEAP might be a cool addon, but not the best choice as the VR input device.

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