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Karmaflow : The Rock Opera Videogame … looks awesome!


I love beautiful games that try to tell their story in new ways and Karmaflow certainly is looking really innovative. When I watched the trailer and at some point the boss suddenly started singing and it actually really worked for the style and game. Got me convinced, I want to play it.
Currently they have an indiegogo campaign asking for 50k € … but for 55k they will integrate Oculus Rift support, so obviously this is really something I hope will get sufficiently funded.

Watch the video here, the trailer stars after a really short introduction and after it you get the indiegogo video with a bit more gameplay.

LICHT v1.08 submitted to Airspace

The most important thing first – the Oculus Rift is activated in the new release. All you need to do is push ALT + O (that is not a number!) and you enter the game instead of just looking at it … provided you have an Oculus Rift connected of course.
To center the camera you can press CTRL at any time.

Then there has been more feedback, especially the menu needed some help because it was not intuitive enough.

Slow paced challenging game
by drwiley — August 3

Puzzles are challenging, but not too challenging. The designers also did a good job with the light sources to very subtly let you know the relationship between your controller, the ball, and the environment. The menus could use work. To exit the game you must touch “exit” “the” “game” in 3-D space. This is hard to someone new to the game and not obvious. Also I got stuck at “reopen the gates”. I didn’t know I was going into nested menus so I didn’t know to return twice to get back to the game.

Stoned or Bored
by jwohrman — August 2

You must be seriously stoned, bored to ennui, or have the patience of a buddha to enjoy or even understand this game. Is it pretty? Yes. Is it glacially slow? Tectonic plates are impressed. Does it provide even rudimentary instructions? Not even a little bit. Worst of all. The exit button wouldn’t respond no matter how much I begged.

Thank you both, there clearly are issues with the menu – so I changed things a bit.

Around the “EXIT” “THE” “GAME” objects I put a “hit all 3” sign to make it easier to understand how the exit mechanism works. And to make it easier to see how to navigate the menus I changed the color of the return fields to red, that way no matter where, you always see them directly and know where you can go back.
And while DrWiley nailed my approach to the game, I feel that jwohrmann had wrong expectations.
So for that reason I changed the description and made clear that it is not an action title, but a game focused on exploration and experimentation. Sorry jwohrmann
…but I have to complain with a part of your rating … no instructions?

The game starts with a full tutorial!
You might want to get instructions on how to solve the riddles, but as the game designer I feel that is not how riddles should work. That is the part where you have to figure out the stuff on your own.

Currently the new version is in evaluation at Leap Motion – so I hope it will be available some time next week. Or there might be an issue. We will see.

Now it becomes time to slowly switch to VR game making for the VR Jam.

LICHT – the first indienerds game


Can you believe it? After reviewing dozens of games and being part of the alpha- and beta-testing of even more XNA indies, I finally did it and made a game myself.
It did not even turn out that bad. And it is riding on the technological edge, being designed for the Leap Motion Controller AND offering support for the Oculus Rift (coming soon). Ain’t that badass?

Now seriously. Last year I decided to go into game development because the Oculus Rift was announced. Little did I know I had to wait an eternity to actually get it.
While waiting I was accepted into the Leap Motion Developers program and send a Leap Motion Controller to play around with. Incredible device I have to say and my head started brimming with cool game ideas.
Being a complete game programming noob I decided to start with something small and LICHT little adventure was born. The release version (it will be available on the Leap Motion launch on July 22nd) will offer a single world to explore, but if sales permit it, I would love to add additional worlds to the title. In my head I see another 4 that will all be very different.
The current world also is quite diverse and allows for different game mechanics. It is a bit quality over quantity, or at least so I hope.
The first trailer for the game you can watch below – I would love to hear some opinions. Actually the first trailer I did for a game. And if you get yourself a Leap Motion Controller, don’t forget to get LICHT – it’s only $1.99 at launch. Shameless selfpromotion end.

The Gallery – new Oculus title announced


Bishop51 on the forums
Another adventure title for the Oculus has been announced. The Gallery – Six Elements  is in production by CloudHeadGames. It is announced as Oculus only, the first game to be exclusive to my knowledge. And it is looking gorgeous, can’t wait to check out those fires in 3D!

In short; The Gallery is a deeply immersive adventure that places you in the shoes of an Urban Explorer who stumbles upon an ancient secret lost to time. We’re building up to a full release of information about The Gallery which will occur later this month. We are VERY excited to receive our developer kits in March to begin exploring our work as intended! We’re also excited about the challenges and we hope to have an open dialog with other developers diving into the same uncharted water. Just like the fine people at Oculus I firmly believe it is the Indies who will lead the charge, take the risks and venture into VR in a way that larger companies simply can’t. We hope that we’re among that fine group.

That is all I know for now, but there are 3 screenshots after the break…
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Oculus Rift – the first factory build batch!


Just look how happy he is, must be a good sign for the devs waiting for their kits. At least I hope it is. Given the extra infos we get it looks at least like good news for all four-eyes out there.


Interchangeable optics for near- or farsighted viewing and the option to move the  assembly sides to or away from your eyes – making more space for glasses where necessary.
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