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Death Inc. – demos available

Now this is a lovely style – just the right thing for a game about death and pestilence. ‘
Ambientstudios is currently running a Kickstarter for their game Death Inc and they just released demos for it – PC, Linux, Mac and even a Unity webplayer demo is available.

And if you like it, you might consider kickstarting it here.
EDIT: There is also a new video I missed – have a look here.

The Witness – the game after Braid


One of the most original games I played in recent years was Braid by Jonathan Blow. The game mechanics gave a refreshing new spin to time based gameplay and it was truly original. But that was a while back and Jonathan Blow has a new possible hit in the pipeline.
I really like what I have been seeing in the trailer – so have a look:

Gunslugs for iOS released

I found this little gem via facebook and have to say it looks just the right kind of retro and perfectly fast paced!

Just got info from the dev with the hyping, enthusiastic, facts listing, marketing blabla

It really has almost all you want in a good game: a big cast of unlockable characters, screen filling end-bosses, nice variation of weapons, drivable tanks, jetpacks, hidden worlds, princesses, armor shop, white wizards, nerds with gameboys, rain, snow, hell, hellworms, sand-worms, train rides, and soooo muchhhh moreeeee!

The game comes with a thumping sound track from Gavin Harrison, the guy who did the catchy tunes for Meganoid 2, INC, and Neoteria amongst others

Interesting Tidbits
…was inspired by the Expendables movies
…has a 2 player co-op mode, check for more info
…started as a sequel to INC:The Beginning
…is already considered Orangepixel’s best.. and 2013 only just started!
…is coming to firefox OS, Chrome webstore, and most likely Mac / PC later this year
…was designed, programmed, pixelated by one guy: Pascal Bestebroer… in roughly 8 months .. to stay in tradition with the good old 80’s basement-coder days.. except without a basement!

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