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The Way available on Steam

Don’t get fooled by the visual style of the image – this is pixel art at it’s best!
I requested a review key and got one from the nice guys at Puzzling Dream.

And when I started playing it I fell in love with the atmosphere the title creates.
I played it in the Steam VR cinema, but that did not work out for me due to too many god rays, though overall pixelart does incredibly well in VR on a big screen. Then I switched to the monitor and got maybe 20 minutes into the game before I quit … and not because it was a bad game, not at all, but because I couldn’t get myself through the early riddles with little effort. This felt like it would eat more time than I currently have to dedicate – it felt like a game true to the spirit of old adventures.

So instead it just gets the incredible trailer shared. Check it out on Steam, might be just your cup of tea as the ratings are very positive:

Karmaflow : The Rock Opera Videogame … looks awesome!


I love beautiful games that try to tell their story in new ways and Karmaflow certainly is looking really innovative. When I watched the trailer and at some point the boss suddenly started singing and it actually really worked for the style and game. Got me convinced, I want to play it.
Currently they have an indiegogo campaign asking for 50k € … but for 55k they will integrate Oculus Rift support, so obviously this is really something I hope will get sufficiently funded.

Watch the video here, the trailer stars after a really short introduction and after it you get the indiegogo video with a bit more gameplay.

LICHT – the first indienerds game


Can you believe it? After reviewing dozens of games and being part of the alpha- and beta-testing of even more XNA indies, I finally did it and made a game myself.
It did not even turn out that bad. And it is riding on the technological edge, being designed for the Leap Motion Controller AND offering support for the Oculus Rift (coming soon). Ain’t that badass?

Now seriously. Last year I decided to go into game development because the Oculus Rift was announced. Little did I know I had to wait an eternity to actually get it.
While waiting I was accepted into the Leap Motion Developers program and send a Leap Motion Controller to play around with. Incredible device I have to say and my head started brimming with cool game ideas.
Being a complete game programming noob I decided to start with something small and LICHT little adventure was born. The release version (it will be available on the Leap Motion launch on July 22nd) will offer a single world to explore, but if sales permit it, I would love to add additional worlds to the title. In my head I see another 4 that will all be very different.
The current world also is quite diverse and allows for different game mechanics. It is a bit quality over quantity, or at least so I hope.
The first trailer for the game you can watch below – I would love to hear some opinions. Actually the first trailer I did for a game. And if you get yourself a Leap Motion Controller, don’t forget to get LICHT – it’s only $1.99 at launch. Shameless selfpromotion end.

The Witness – the game after Braid


One of the most original games I played in recent years was Braid by Jonathan Blow. The game mechanics gave a refreshing new spin to time based gameplay and it was truly original. But that was a while back and Jonathan Blow has a new possible hit in the pipeline.
I really like what I have been seeing in the trailer – so have a look:

To the Moon – beautiful RPG on PC

… coming this fall.

To the Moon is an indie RPG/adventure game, about two doctors traversing through the memories of a dying man to fulfill his last wish.

Now this sounds like a story that is a little different from – there is a bad guy, go and kill him. But most importantly … it looks like it´s been made with a lot of love!!


Make sure you read the description at! It´s a bit of a spoiler, but in the end you don´t really know what the big secret is – but I definitely want to find out now!