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TurnOn short Hands On

TurnOn is a very simple game where you play a spark and get to travel along electric lines to power all kinds of stuff, but mostly lights. I played through the first couple of levels and really liked the cute style the whole title was done with, but it lacks a serious challenge – so one for the casual crowd.
That said – I am very much looking forward to have my youngest nephew have a go at it as I suspect he will love it. This should work really well for small kids.
Overall I think it is worth a purchase, but I am not sure how long it is so the asking price of 14,99€ is on the high scale I suspect as one can rush through the levels quite fast (though for a younger kid that might be a different story).

Review: Osr unhinged

Despite the glaring capitalization errors in the title of Osr unhinged, there’s a lot to like in this time trial based racing game. OSR Unhinged (as I will be referring to it from henceforth) is the sequel to Old School Racer, a game which was well-received for its value for the dollar. OSR Unhinged continues this trend, offering dozens and dozens of (well-designed) levels, all for only a dollar.

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Hands On Cthulhu Saves The World

We indienerds follow a simple recipe with our reviews; if it is not worth playing for at least fans of the genre, then we don´t bother reviewing it. No point in wasting your time or ours.

The games reviewed here represent the best you can find on the Xbox Live Indie marketplace and when I tell you that “Cthulhu Saves The World” is one of the finest indie games I ever reviewed, you might want to consider skipping the review and just go ahead and download it. I won´t blame you (much) and I don´t limit this suggestion to fans of the (J)RPG genre – this game is suited for everyone who enjoys a good laugh and well-thought-out dialogs.

Before you hit the MORE button to read the full review you should prepare yourself by adding the game to your download queue on the marketplace site and turn on your Xbox.

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Hands On: Football Games Room

Football Games Room truly surprised me. With its lackluster presentation and Avatar support, I honestly was not expecting much out of the game. Instead, I found that I couldn’t stop playing. Football Games Room is surprisingly fun, and while initially it may not look like much, I highly suggest giving it a chance. The game is an incredibly deep experience for only 80 Microsoft points, with a variety of features and customizable options. While it does have its flaws, these are easy to overlook considering the asking price.

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Hands On: Astroman

When I saw the trailer for Astroman from StarQuail (which you can watch after the MORE button in the full review), I immediately wanted to play the game. I like platformers, and this one seemed to be quite polished for an Xbox Live Indie title.

Now that I have played it, I am in awe, because it’s a beautiful game with an atmosphere that very few titles manage to establish these days. But I also do have some mixed feelings for the game, because I can’t recommend it for everyone.

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Hands On: radiangames Crossfire 2

It goes without saying that Luke over at radiangames has blessed the indie marketplace with a library of games that skimps on neither quality nor quantity.  With six releases over the last seven months and each one offering some great arcade goodness, it still confuses me as to how such a constant stream of high quality titles can come from one human being.  Even still, there hasn’t been a game from radiangames that I’ve wanted near as much as Crossfire 2, and as I waited for the game to download I even let myself worry that this anticipation would cause the game to be a let-down.  After all, what was the last hyped-up game you played that truly lived up to your expectations?  Well, if it’s any indication of what’s in store for someone purchasing this game, after six or so hours of play time I don’t want to write this review.

I just want to keep playing.

Your choice – click the MORE button, read the review, watch the trailer or just skip ahead and get radiangames Crossfire 2 for yourself. You can find it here.

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Hands On: Chu’s Dynasty

Chu’s Dynasty is touted as a combination between the frenetic gameplay of Super Smash Bros. and the controlled, one-on-one battles of Street Fighter. The development team at Tribetoy has managed to not only create an intriguing game that plays very well, but also an incredibly well produced one. The game has production values that are up there with some Xbox Live Arcade games, surpassing others. Chu’s Dynasty is a little rough around the edges, but these flaws are understandable and easy to overlook (for the most part).

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