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Nock: Hidden Arrow available on Early Access

Simplicity is one of the secrets to a good VR experience!
We still have to solve the riddle of good VR user interfaces and that means having almost none is beneficial to the flow inside the game world.

I like everything I see here and with a price tag of just 8.49€ the price of entry is quite low. The only thing I wonder is the bright light balls and arrows – expecting light flares in the optics to be annoying.

You can get it on Steam here.

Garden Gnome Carnage coming to XBLIG

This is one awesome teaser trailer that makes no sense whatsoever and just bathes in the fact that it´s pure nonsense. I had a chance to play the game a bit and I can tell you it´s wise to keep an eye on this title (or you might just miss the chance to dogde a brick coming your direction). Quite addictive and as weird as it is fun to play!